Favorite meals onboard Molly Bloom

I thought it might be interesting to give you a little idea of what our meals are like on, and off Molly Bloom.   Marie does like to cook and has supplied her pantry with most everything she will need to cook any style that suits her, so we can still have the ethnic foods like lasagne, or chicken stir fry,  we both enjoy.  Don’t ask Marie to make homemade yeast bread in an oven that doesn’t stay lit, and burns either the top or the bottom though.  After that fiasco, she did make a wonderful loaf of banana bread – that will be a new favorite for sure.

Mostly, we find that we eat similar to what we did on land….with a couple of major exceptions….

pizza – not too frequently found and when it is, it’s not too close to home….oh, we did find Dominos pizza in Nassau – tastes the same and only costs about 2.5 times the price in the US.

chicken wings – oooops….a favorite staple of Marie’s – not too available (though you can buy chicken feet in the stores).  she did have chicken wings once here – they were ok….but being an expert – it was disappointing.

steaks – Ron says he has missed them, Marie is happy with seafood…..

salad bars – again, this is a Ron thing – but they are non existent here – and if you order a side salad for $10 you get a very simple salad.

Ethnic Food (other than Bahamian) – just about non existent in the Bahamas – especially away from Nassau….that includes Italian, Chinese, Greek.

fast food – now this is one Marie didn’t even think to mention….somehow McDonalds and Wendys food never impressed me THAT much – it doesn’t exist here!

What do we eat? drink??

Burgers – for some reason the Bahamas has a plethura of burger joints (and they are really very good).

Conch – we LOVE it….. well Ron loves is cooked….Marie will eat it either cooked or raw.  Marie loves to saute it in a little olive oil and spices (no breading), or marinated in lime juice then mixed with orange juice, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic in something like a ceviche called conch salad….mmmm mmm mmm.  Oh, Ron is the conch sheller, cleaner, pounder, and horn blower – Marie is the cook. 

Mango salsa – The Bahamas is not a place that has a lot of fresh produce (other than onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots), but once in a while good Mangos are available and when that happens, Marie mixes chopped mangos, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, lemon juice and makes some great mango salsa.  If fresh coconut is available, that goes in there too – oh, you can intermingle these two dishes – just add marinated conch to make ceviche.

Conch Fritters – a bahamian classic – goes without saying   mmm mmm good  (and inexpensive too – all conch is fairly inexpensive).

Coconut- as often as we can find it….makes a great snack too

Fish- Ron needs to catch some – we eat it when he does.

Rum Punch – a staple in the Islands – Rum and any kind of juice – coconut water, pineapple juice, orange juice, etc.

Kalik – It’s a bahamian ting man!   once in a while a cold beer (even though neither of us are beer drinkers) is really great!

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4 Responses to Favorite meals onboard Molly Bloom

  1. Cynthia says:

    Marie and I share the same food tastes, so I KNOW I would love whatever she cooks – where’s the invite? I actually dreamt of having a little dinghy recently (a boat, that is) but even at my best, lifting weights never really strengthened my arms!

    • Cynthia says:

      oops… didn’t finish… So, I don’t imagine that I’d be able to handle any type of rowing out to you. Do you have a sea plane, too? 😉

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