Life on the water

How different IS living on a boat, floating on the water, anyway?????

There are so many ways that living on a boat, at anchor, constantly floating on the water is completely different from living on land. Of course, the degree to how different it is depends a lot on the type of boat/vessel you are on. Aboard the Molly Bloom we are very comfortable, probably middle of the road as far as comfort goes – we are NOT on a huge yacht – and there are tons of them out there – but we are not the most basic vessel in the harbor either.

For a start, we generate our own electricity in various ways :

1. We have a WIND generator that here in the windy Bahamas is going night and day

2. We have 2 SOLAR panels that generate electricity during daylight/sunny hours and in the Bahamas that is almost all the time.

3. We have a diesel powered generator (Genset) built into the boat that uses very little fuel to generate electricity

4. We have a 3 stage alternator on one of our engines that charges our bank of 4 batteries very quickly indeed

We generate our own water – from the sea- for drinking, cooking, cleaning, showering, washing etc.

We have our own R/O water maker that makes very clean drinking water out of sea water. R/O stands for reverse osmosis by the way

We also DO have many of the comforts and conveniences of land type homes:

3 bedrooms, 2 baths (with showers)

Microwave/convection oven built in

Propane 3 burner stove and oven – even if I can’t SET the temperature – oh well, I’ll figure it out J

We have 2 TV’s, a built in stereo, 2 computers, a Wii, many movies, books, games, magazines…. Just because we have TV’s doesn’t mean we watch ‘television’ per se. We don’t actually get TV service unless we happen to be at a marina where that is provided – and that hasn’t happened since we left Florida…OR…we had satellite TV (which at the moment we do NOT)

Satellite phone – even if it only works about once an hour – and we only know the time by using a schedule – but it’s free for us to call home after the monthly service charge

Full pantry – with everything we need

Full Bar – again with everything we need

Beautiful covered porch (we call it a cockpit) with seating for 10 or so

Fabulous sunsets

We DON’T have:

Cars, garage, grass to cut, snow to shovel, bills to pay, jobs, income

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1 Response to Life on the water

  1. Cynthia says:

    Sounds like you’re learning the technical end, Marie! Also, I like the sunshine and wind and pure water idea… you know me, organics, organics, organics! Good to hear about your trip!

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