Made it to BEYOND…..the Bahamas, that is!

We had a long sail (2 full days AND nights) from Georgetown to Provo, Turks and Caicos.  We had planned only a day sail from Georgetown to Rum Cay – but the weather was nice, the breeze was in our favor, and we decided to go further to Mayaguana.  Once we got that far, again with the winds in our favor, we decided to keep sailing and head for Turks and Caicos.

It wasn’t without banging and bashing – some- during the night, but the wind was blowing us (up to 8knts) south and that’s the direction we were heading…..

We are supposed to be sharing the overnight runs – each of us staying up for about 2 hours or so – letting the other one rest……sometimes Ron likes to make sure he is right there so he rests in the cockpit – and Marie doesn’t mind that – that way SHE gets to sleep.  So, on this round, Marie was at the helm a few hours every day – but Ron did most of the work.

So, we are resting nicely at the Turtle Cove Marina in the Turks and Caicos for a few days – with A/C on, TV on, and warm showers (all of which are rare and a treat).

All the banging and crashing on that trip did not allow us to make it here without at least one minor thing going wrong – well, hopefully minor.  The davits that hold our dingy AND our solar panels was cracking – we got someone to weld the cracks, tied up the dingy tighter and hope it makes it to Puerto Rico….keep your fingers crossed x x x

Anyway – this is a fabulous place – the richest island in the carribean – with fabulous views and turquois waters – so we are enjoying it for another day or two before heading on.

Last night we enjoyed dinner with our new friends on Anagada – a 57′ Jeanneau sailboat with Pierre and Nicole aboard from Geneva, Switzerland.  Pierre was celebrating his birthday and we are honored to have been able to celebrate with them.

I was trying to put more pictures on this site for our friends to share – but getting strong internet connection is a challenge so far….. I promise I will update the site with pictures as soon as I can.

For now, we are leaving here on Monday and will be doubling our last trip – sailing for 4 days and nights, straight to Puerto Rico – just think …… a few more nights and Marie might be ready to sail to Europe – just like our friends on Anagada!

Look to hear an update toward the end of the week – as we enter Puerto Rico – San Juan or Fajardo and plan to stay there for a week or so.

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2 Responses to Made it to BEYOND…..the Bahamas, that is!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Marie and Ron~

    This trip sounds wonderful, but (!) why the rush? I thought you’d have ample times at port to enjoy the beauty of island life, you know, just sit back and lounge around with island breezes swaying you in hammocks. So glad you’re enjoying the weather and sailing. May you always have the wind to your back ~ (sounds very familiar).

    • Molly Bloom says:

      Well Cynthia – the ‘rush’ is that we plan to be out of the hurricane zone by hurricane season (or shortly after it begins – and that is Soon), and that means we need to make it to Grenada – which is a VERY long way away. We do want to enjoy the islands and spent the last 6 weeks exploring many islands of the Bahamas – quite frankly I’m ready to move on – if we hang around one island too long- there won’t be time to enjoy any of the others. THough the Bahamas is beautiful – I’m ready to move on to the Virgins. Bahamas for the most part is uninhabited, very expensive (food) and really no provisions to be had. We really don’t have time to explore DR on this trip – and need to spend a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico (US) to get some things done and other things purchased – can’t do any of that in the Bahamian islands – no supplies, no shopping, no internet, no phone, no marinas to dock at, and heavy duties to pay on anything shipped in from the US. IN the last 6 weeks we have docked only 5 nights – the rest of the time we have been completely self sufficient anchored off one island or another. Being ‘in port’ is a wonderful thing, but not realistic financially. It costs our small boat about $100/night to be ‘in port’ and isn’t in our budget. So we do take time to see the islands, just in a few days or so. When we get to Grenada and further south, there will be lots and lots of time to dingy in to the ports and really get to know the places. So, for now it’s a straight 4 day/night (hopefully) shot to Puerto Rico. From there – we will island hop and see the virgins, leeward, antilles and windward islands at a much slower pace until we reach Grenada – hopefully by the end of July. Being in many of the islands you are VERY exposed to storms – there is no where to hide – and since we only travel at about 5mph, unless we are positioned correctly, there will be no where we can get to – to avoid bad weather if necessary. So, once we get to Puerto Rico there will be time to explore – besides, I hear there is a tropical storm forming that may FORCE us to stay in dock in Puerto Rico for more than a week or two, waiting for weather, whether or not we want to, or can afford it – but such is life on the seas 🙂 I love hearing from you so please keep writing. marie 🙂

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