Molly Bloom arrives safetly in Puerto Rico!

Yipee – yeah – hurray – wooo – hoo!!!! (pictures to come in a day or two when internet is more reliable)

I am earning my (water) wings! We are IN Puerto Rico!!!!! Wow, how about that????? After 3 days/nights of motoring (with the sails up for a little extra push) we made it 425 miles from Turks to San Juan PR in one swoop (not that there is much choice when you are committed to the course taking you over the open Atlantic. For those unfamiliar with overnight crossings, it means that for 3 days and nights we sailed or motored – took turns sleeping and on watch – but we made it!!!! The worst of the crossings are now behind us! Yeah!

We decided to take the weather window and motor (alone again) direct from Provo TCI to Puerto Rico – a possible 3 or 4 day/night trip. As it was, it took only 3 days/nights and they were uneventful. We saw 2 cruise ships and a couple of cargo ships the whole entire time on the water – and the Atlantic was smooth as GLASS – really – GLASS. On day 2, we were greeted by 6 Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin swimming, jumping and playing in the bow wake of the boat for about 45 minutes – what a treat that was. Only their coming up for air broke the glass surface of the water and we had a great show. Way way cool for sure!

Although a little more wind would/might have been nice we are grateful to have the worst of the passage behind us – yeah!!!!!!! We didn’t have to do the Mona passage thing!!! NO ships ran into us, we didn’t run aground, hit a coral reef, have an engine die or have to rescue an overboard crew member (ha ha ha – would have been one of us).

Marie took her turns keeping watch (I really AM getting better at all this) and is excited to have such a long distance behind us. Now, it is relatively easy to make the rest of the trip to Grenada in time for hurricane season.

I needed to change our wifi antenna – the one we have started acting strange and we decided to go with the kind Scott has (the wirie). Actually, we will likely meet the wirie guy in St. Marten aboard svWirie in Simpson Bay, but in the meantime, he is sending us one of the antennas and of course there is no duty in PR.

Diesel is cheap here – $4.40/gal (good thing since we used just about ALL of ours making the 425 mile trek across the atlantic)

After much calculating and arranging, Marie managed to order and get a Kindle shipped (Amazon will NOT ship one to PR – so that was an issue).

We are very impressed with the people of PR – All have gone over backwards trying to please us and be helpful. Old San Juan is very European and a pretty town. Food and drinks and groceries are cheaper here than in the US! Wow!

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1 Response to Molly Bloom arrives safetly in Puerto Rico!

  1. Gale and Maureen says:

    Glad to hear you had such a peaceful crossing to PR. Hope you continue to travel safely as you make your way to Grenada.

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