Hey Capt. Ron – this is NOT Cuba!


Puerto Rico

Well, they have the SAME colors & the same design!

As cruisers traveling through the carribean from country to country, we need to ‘check-in’ in each new country. 
Here’s the procedure:
1.  Take down the flag of the last country and put up a plain Yellow Q (Quarantine) flag which identifies us as a boat that has not gone through customs.
2.  Either the captain brings all the boat documents and passports to customs while I stay on the boat – I’m not allowed off until we have been through customs, or, the customs agent visits our boat – in which case neither of us are allowed off.
3.  We pay the customs and cruising fees (vary by country), take down the Yellow Q flag and raise the flag of that country.
In San Juan, the customs agents come to the boat and take pictures of us – so that’s what happened, and Ron took down the Q flag and proudly put up the Puerto Rican flag.  That was in San Juan on a Thursday.
Two days later we checked into Marina Del Ray in Fajardo and Capt. Ron was asked by the marina staff WHY he was flying a Cuban flag?
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3 Responses to Hey Capt. Ron – this is NOT Cuba!

  1. Clare Terry says:


  2. Janice says:

    Well, He is after all – Captain Ron!

  3. Cynthia says:

    so… he’s color-blind! Just don’t tell him you’re a brunette, because he might question your intelligence! 😉

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