Virgin Gorda BVI

We have arrived at Virgin Gorda, BVI and are currently docked at Virgin Gorda Yacht Club, Spanish Town, BVI. We are enjoying A/C in the cabin! Yeah! (we don’t normally run A/C without being attached to electricity at dock, as it requires use of the generator to power it). We are also enjoying this absolutely breathtaking marina – with grocery store, ship’s chandlery, restaurant, showers, laundry, boutiques, beach bar……what a treat! Everyone here is so nice and friendly and helpful

Look how far we have come! the finger in top left shows where we started, the green fellow shows approximately where we are now and the yellow guy shows where we plan to go yet in the next month.

We are docked on the ‘catamaran’ dock and had quite a few neighbors last night – ALL of them were bareboat charters! It would be nice to meet up with some others like us, who are not just on the boat for a week or so – but I’m sure we will meet up with them along the way.

on this picture using purple (where we are) and yellow (where we are going) you can see all the fun places we have yet to discover and share

We made our way here through Sopers Hole, Tortola and Peter’s Island, BVI and are next on our way to St. Marteen in the Netherlands Antilles.Until later – please DO note our new caribbean phone number that works here and everywhere in the carribean. It is my cell and I carry it with me, so please give us a call – it provides FREE incoming calls (though, unfortunately that means you might have to pay long distance charges)….I’m working on another solution but for now – this is it!

I thought it would be fun to take a picture of us busy trying to communicate with everyone back home. 3 computers, one external hard drive, 2 telephones - one cell, one sat, and the blue thing with the white antenna is a wifi booster that is usually hoisted up a line near the mast

This is the 'wall of radios' 2 VHF with an additional wireless handheld for communicating on the sea and a regular radio of course for musicThis is our SSB radio (single side band - like a ham) where we can talk and hear people from all over the world - primarily used for weather and getting in touch with other boaters, hearing saftety information etc. - this is in addition to the VHF - as the VHF is only good for about 15 miles - line of sight - this radio will work worldwide - NOW if only we could figure out how to use it !!!

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