We made it!!!!! Molly Bloom arrives in Grenada!!!!

When we left Florida, our goal was to make it to Grenada before too far into the hurricane season……today that dream and goal became REALITY.  We are now here….in St. George’s Grenada.

Since we only arrived late this afternoon and did not even check in with customs yet (they were closed), I can’t say much…..BUT …. we made it in time to come to the marina we had booked – Port Louis St. George’s Grenada and can tell you that we made an excellent choice.

Mundane things, like showers, take on a whole new meaning when living on a boat…..they are like gold….and private showers with HOT water are like platinum!  This marina is first class – private showers, beautiful waterfront pool, downtown St. George’s location, private beach, great restaurant with happy hour…… and beautiful surroundings.

when daylight comes again, I will take some pictures and post them….but until then…….we arrived……2000 miles of deep water under our belts…..yippee, hurray, yahoo!!!!!!

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1 Response to We made it!!!!! Molly Bloom arrives in Grenada!!!!

  1. Clare Terry says:

    Congratulations Marie and Ron!!!!
    Were your ears burning last night Marie?!!? haha!! We were talking about you at Julia Baker’s house. Julia had a little good-bye party for Marla. She sold her house and is moving to Roanoke where her family lives. The cul-de-sac is not the same since you left!! We miss the margarita parties!!!!!!!!! I saw Janet, Joel and Simiha, and Andrew – boy has he grown up!! He just finished his first yeat at Univ of Tennesee. Have a great time where you are and soak up some good stuff for all of us!! Miss you!! Love, Clare Terry

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