The island of Spice–Grenada–our home, our island, our first 3 weeks!

We have been here going on 3 weeks now – at our new home in Port Louis Marina, St. George’s, Grenada.  Grenada is also known as the “Island of Spice” due to the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters. It is 133 square miles with an estimated population of 110,000. Its capital is St. George’s. Grenada is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

st georgesmap - Copyweather mapflagjpg - Copyprovincesgrenada

Port Louis Marina is a fabulous home.  It is a first class marina in the heart of the city, within easy walking (or local bus ride) distance of the market and the hustle and bustle of the city.  It has many docks that accommodate boats/yachts from all over the world.  We are located on ‘J’ dock – the only one with the correct power for US and Canadian boats, so all of our direct neighbors are Canadians or US.  We spend many afternoons by the beautiful pool at the marina with our friends, or shopping in the markets or taking care of the jobs needing done around the boat.

Below are pictures taken in Port Louis Marina upon our arrival.  Ron is enjoying a rum punch during the daily happy hour.  You can see various pictures of the marina, including the beautiful pool and some of the  landscaping including banana trees.  The last picture is on the way to the private beach at Port Louis Marina.  Molly Bloom is docked on “J” dock shown in the 5th picture below.

 Grenada 020

Grenada 007Grenada 010Grenada 011Grenada 013Grenada 014Grenada 016Grenada 017Grenada 022

We have been on at least one whole island tour – seeing the sites at the Grenada Chocolate Factory, one of the local rum factories, the nutmeg factory, and one of the many waterfalls in the rainforest.  We have attended ‘Fish Friday’ in Gouyave (pronounced guave….like suave) the fishing capital of Grenada, the Mango festival in St. George’s, local Hashes (running in the rainforest), volleyball and bbq on the beaches, prepared for Carnival (coming up in August), eaten much of the local fare.  Below you will see pictures of a cocoa pod on the tree, followed by a cocoa pod opened up and a nutmeg open and on the tree.  Inside the nutmeg is the nutmeg ‘nut’ surrounded by the red ‘mace’.  It is sometimes known as ‘The lady in the boat, with the red petticoat”.  The nutmegs open all by themselves on the tree when ripe.  The mace is removed from the nutmeg, dried and then sold separately as it is it’s own spice.  AS for the cocoa – you wouldn’t believe how they get the cocoa nut clean when it comes out of the pod – or – at least how they USED to!  The picture of the gentleman with the cocoa pod is ‘Patrick’ or ‘Shademan’ as he is known and was our guide for the tour.  He is also available to take us wherever we would like to go anytime.  A great friend to the cruisers  Smile

The other picture is of the national dish “oildown”.  It looks pretty much like it does in this picture, and rather than go into more detail I have included a link to the official Grenada website and oildown recipe:

cocoa podcocoaandnutmegnutmeg on treeoildownGrenada 037


Below I have included some recent pictures.

Top Left:  Adonis, one of the best spice necklace vendors/makers on the island – she is famous too as she is included by name in a book called Spice Island written by a sailing Canadian woman named Ann Vanderhoof (great book).

Next is a guy on our mast!  Actually – that’s RON up there – checking out the non working anchor light – still doesn’t work, but we know now it’s NOT the bulb.

Next pictures are all from yesterday – preview of the upcoming carnival – a BIG celebration (and loud) 2nd Monday in August!   Wow – what costumes!

001 (2)003 (2)006011012014015017018019021

Here are more pictures from the island and our tour.  I will do my best to explain:

Row 1: (l-r)  downtown st. george’s, grande anse beach

Row 2:  (l-r) St. George’s, papaya tree

Row 3:  (l-r) concord waterfalls, cocoa plant

Row 4 & 5 (l-r) papaya plant, local cow, concord waterfalls, waterfalls

row 6:  Gouyave village during Fishermans Birthday celebration

Row 7 & 8:  (l-r) nutmeg processing plant

Grenada 024Grenada 028Grenada 031Grenada 032Grenada 033Grenada 034Grenada 035Grenada 036Grenada 040Grenada 041Grenada 046Grenada 047Grenada 048Grenada 050Grenada 051Grenada 053Grenada 057Grenada 060Grenada 062Grenada 063Grenada 065

Row 9 (l-r):  Ron and Sharon (neighbor and friend) enjoy lunch overlooking the water at the very TOP of Grenada AND our transportation around the island – Patrick “Shademan’s” taxi

Row 10 (l-r):  Leapers Hill (very interesting place – read the sign)

Row 11 – a local pineapple  Smile

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3 Responses to The island of Spice–Grenada–our home, our island, our first 3 weeks!

  1. Gale and Maureen says:

    We sure enjoyed your pictures and it looks like a very beautiful island. Do you plan on making Grenda your home or is this just a stopoff point for now? The marina looks very nice. How do the rates compare to the US? We are currently on the Tennessee River in northern Alabama/southern Tennessee about 80 miles downstream from Chattanooga. The weather has been very comfortable for the last few days but is expected to heat up with indices approaching 110 degrees by the middle of the week. Its nice to be on the rivers again but we look forward to returning to SW Florida later this fall. Gale and Maureen

  2. Molly Bloom says:

    We are here for hurricane season (5 months) as it is out of the hurricane zone. Rates are about the same as St. Pete – but this is even more first class – marina wise. THere is no gym though – but everything else is first class.
    The weather here is about 90 degrees each day and always a nice breeze. The people of Grenada are sweet and kind and friendly and the island is a favorite among cruisers – very safe, and lots to do.
    Let’s email each other soon. Ron and Marie
    “try to stay cool” 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    I’d like to join your list- Christiaan Cavallaro shared your site.

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