St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St Lucia ‘inside out’ dolls – married in their traditional island madras material

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June 12th – we arrived in Rodney Bay – St. Lucia – what a beautiful bay!   Sandals Resort is on the beach, as is a beautiful park complete with a Fort and restaurant.  We anchored out in the bay for our first night, coming into the Rodney Bay Yacht Club Marina for the next two days (to await more bad weather).  The yacht club marina has everything you could want – a pool, multiple restaurants, cafe’s and bars, grocery store, marine store, nice showers, cable TV, internet and a wonderfully helpful and friendly staff!  We are happily berthed in G25 for the moment allowing us some time to relax, enjoy the A/C (plugged in to the dock), catch up on news on TV and even do more work on the infamous BLOG. 

Marie ventured to Castries (capital city of St. Lucia) by local bus (about a 20 minute ride) to visit the ‘market’ – and actually made it back as well.  Local buses are small 14 seat vans and very inexpensive.

St. Lucia (and all the countries between here and Grenada) use the EC$ – though you can get by paying US dollars if you want.  $1US = $2.72EC

It takes a little getting used to – but when you realize that dinner in the restaurant is $26EC, you quickly realize that is only $10US.  Just takes a little bit of learning and practise.

On our first evening in St. Lucia, we visited the restaurant on Pidgeon Island (where the Fort and park are), listened to live Jazz music, and met a wonderful Irish local artist (Ann)and her 4 beautiful children.  She grew up just down the street in Dublin where Marie lived for a year as a teenager and had a great time getting to know one another.  Ann and her girls then visited with Marie and Ron on the Molly Bloom the next evening and then enjoyed a light meal at one of the marina cafes.

You will see Captain Ron in a picture with 3 young ladies (Ann’s children) – captivated by Captain Ron and the ‘boat’.

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  1. Kent Davis says:

    Great pics Ronnie hope all is well. Call me when you get a chance.

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