Images of our trip

Peter Island BVI – Picture perfect!
Mad Dog Bar – Virgin Gorda BVI baths June 2 2011

Molly Bloom anchored off Peter Island Resort, BVI (yes, that's us!)amazing what you see on the side of the road - virgin gorda baths bvi

Polly wanta cracker???? Really, Peter Island BVI – at anchor, this parrot just decided to pay us a visit and landed on the front of our boat just feet from the two of us

Look out for Molly Bloom - hint: she is the smallest catamaran in the picture - on the right - in Peters Island, BVI

Peter Island BVI – foliage
Peter Island BVI – that’s Marie on the beach – really!!!
Peter Island Private Resort – we can go a lot of places on a boat – but not everywhere – there was a small portion of the beach we were asked not to go on.

Picture Perfect - Peter Island, BVI


So, how do you like captain Ron's new hairdo???? HIs stylist is very expensive, but close by - she lives on board!

As the brochure says – Virgin Gorda! and they even have RED wine!

It's hard to believe - THIS is the wide open ATLANTIC ocean on our way from the Turks to Puerto Rico - like GLASS

Cruisers meet the Family Island Regatta Director

Comfortable Living QuartersSalon

Dolphins swim, jump and play off the bow of the boat

Old San Juan from the cruise ship docks
Fort in old San Juan

Fort Guards Old San Juan

Please enjoy some of the beautiful sights on our trip as well as some of the new friends we have met along the way.   Ron and Marie

Old San Juan from the cruise ship docks Dolphins off the bow of Molly Bloom


Ron and Marie at Paradise Island Nassau


4 Responses to Images of our trip

  1. Mary and Walt Prouty says:

    WE are back home in Indiana and finally finding time to check in on the adventures of Marie and Ron on the SVMollyBloom. You do seem to be having the time of your lives!
    WE will be thinking about you on Wednesday night when we meet up with the Supper Club Gang at the WRYC . Stay safe and keep having fun in the sun!

  2. Kent Davis says:

    Great pics ron do you still have that sony camera I sold you?

    • Molly Bloom says:

      No, Ron sold that to Wendy – and just about ALL of those pictures were taken with an inexpensive pocket digital (Marie’s). Do you want the camera back? Ron

  3. Christiaan & Amy says:

    Hello Sailors! We are enjoying the new website, it’s fantastic! We have been following your adventure and look forward to more pictures and posts. Miss you both being in St. Pete and think of you often. Enjoy the journey, be safe, cheers!

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