Guest Book

Please sign our guestbook and let us know you were here.  Or, better yet, call us at 1 284 343 7477 and find out where we are right now!

We will keep in touch as best we can, update as often as we can – but please keep in mind that we don’t always have internet access 🙂 and would love to hear from you by email as well.

5 Responses to Guest Book

  1. Scott Free says:

    Dear Marie and Ron,
    Great job on the blog!! We really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing all the terrific pictures. We’ll email you as well. Keep in touch,
    love, Heather and Scott

  2. Donna Nielsen says:

    Hi, Marie and Ron, Love looking at your pictures and reading the interesting narrative. What a wonderful adventure and such great memories you will have. Keep safe. Donna Nielsen

  3. Have fun in Paradise my old friend! You deserve all the best that life has to offer! I miss you. Take care and live it up!!! – Derrick T. Glover, Centralized Trainer, Publix Supermarkets, Inc.

  4. Bev says:

    What a fantastic adventure you have both had. An experience of a lifetime. Great job on the web site Marie. The pictures are awesome. Greg hopes to see you soon in Grenada. Be safe, have fun and have a rum runner for me…OK

    Bev & Greg.

  5. Thomas & Regula says:

    Hi Ron

    Herzliche Dank für de tolli Abig und de feini Sundowner und s nette Willkomme bi dir ufem Schiff…
    For those who don’t know swiss german:
    Many thanks for the wonderful sundowner (“rain-downer”?) and the nice welcome on bord the molly bloom! We enjoyed your invitation very much. Have a good time here in lovely Grenada, hope to see you again after our trip to Trinidad.
    Fair winds, Thomas and Regula
    SY Balu

    P.S. Nice pictures from the Hash 😉

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